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Sitecore Identity (SI), introduced in Sitecore 9.1, is the single sign-on mechanism for any Sitecore instance (XM, XP, XC, …) that requires authentication.

As it was provided in a web deploy package (WDP), making small config changes like integrating with Azure AD was straightforward. With Sitecore moving to containers, and SI thus being provided as container image, making these same config changes becomes more complex… unless you’re willing to throw some Kubernetes features at it.


Recently, I was refactoring my Azure DevOps CI/CD scripts that setup and deploy Sitecore 10.1 on a newly created AKS. Deployment went smooth, until I tried to browse to the deployed environments. Nginx, configured with sitecore-ingress provided by Sitecore, returned a 404 Not Found. What gives?


I was contacted by a client to help them roll out Sitecore Kubernetes deployment (hooray for clients willing to invest in technology updates). Of course I came in prepared: I tried out Installation Guide for Production Environment with Kubernetes (on Azure AKS with my own subscription), and had a shiny new Sitecore 10.x up and running on in no time.

When repeating the setup on the client’s subscription, deployment went well but we failed to log in into Sitecore: