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Lead expert consultant @ delaware. Working with Sitecore, Azure, Kubernetes.

Recently, I was refactoring my Azure DevOps CI/CD scripts that setup and deploy Sitecore 10.1 on a newly created AKS. Deployment went smooth, until I tried to browse to the deployed environments. Nginx, configured with sitecore-ingress provided by Sitecore, returned a 404 Not Found. What gives?


UPDATE: apparently this issues keeps happening every restart :(. It’s being tracked on Hopefully a permanent fix is released soon.

Docker is a great tool, except when it’s not.

Yesterday I picked up on container development after some inactivity. Before I could start, quite some updates were pushed (in case you missed it: in a recent change, only paid plans are allowed to skip updates). Eventually everything worked as expected

Today, after a reboot, I faced following error:

Resetting to factory defaults did not help (it did help clean out my hard drive since resetting deletes all your downloaded images).

Reinstalling did help a bit: docker succeeded to start up in Linux mode. However, switching to Windows mode threw the same exception.

Since the exception is not very detailed, I had to dig a little deeper: good old Event Viewer to the rescue. Turns out something is wrong with the panic log (love the name).

After inspecting the file it turns out it’s marked as readonly:

Unchecking the checkbox and restarting docker solves the issue.

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As you might have heard, Sitecore acquired, a company know for it’s product called OrderCloud, a next-generation, B2B-focused commerce platform based on MACH architecture. Sitecore rebranded this into Sitecore OrderCloud.

Since it’s a SaaS tool, you can setup a free account within minutes: simply register on to get your sandbox environment (no credit card needed :)). The getting started guide gives you a good understanding of the basic concepts.

Here are my first impressions on it after browsing through the playground environment and the API reference.


I was contacted by a client to help them roll out Sitecore Kubernetes deployment (hooray for clients willing to invest in technology updates). Of course I came in prepared: I tried out Installation Guide for Production Environment with Kubernetes (on Azure AKS with my own subscription), and had a shiny new Sitecore 10.x up and running on in no time.

When repeating the setup on the client’s subscription, deployment went well but we failed to log in into Sitecore:


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