Docker panic after updates

UPDATE: apparently this issues keeps happening every restart :(. It’s being tracked on Hopefully a permanent fix is released soon.

Docker is a great tool, except when it’s not.

Yesterday I picked up on container development after some inactivity. Before I could start, quite some updates were pushed (in case you missed it: in a recent change, only paid plans are allowed to skip updates). Eventually everything worked as expected

Today, after a reboot, I faced following error:

Resetting to factory defaults did not help (it did help clean out my hard drive since resetting deletes all your downloaded images).

Reinstalling did help a bit: docker succeeded to start up in Linux mode. However, switching to Windows mode threw the same exception.

Since the exception is not very detailed, I had to dig a little deeper: good old Event Viewer to the rescue. Turns out something is wrong with the panic log (love the name).

After inspecting the file it turns out it’s marked as readonly:

Unchecking the checkbox and restarting docker solves the issue.

Tags: #docker